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  "Down the ages, China has been called the kingdom of porcelain, with Jingdezhen City as the capital of porcelain industry peak". Porcelain, the fifth great inventions in ancient China, is the symbol of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. Knowing China starts from knowing Jingdezhen City. Well-known for its thousand-year kiln flame, Jingdezhen City enjoy a great reputation both at home and abroad as the " Porcelain Capital of the World". In addition to its long history of porcelain making, Jingdezhen City is also an ecological and beautiful city with beautiful mountains and waters. It has good vegetation, luxuriantly green forest, farmhouses with snow-white walls and blue black tiles and pleasant scenery.


  If you are planning to experience the broad and profound Chinese ceramics civilization, Jingdezhen City is absolute your first choice; if you want to enjoy the rural poetic imagery of "bridge, river and home", Jingdezhen City will never disappoint you; if you find sceneries perfectly blending ancient history and fresh natural styles, please do not get too excited: such scenery may be found everywhere in Jingdezhen City! In Jingdezhen City, there are age-old ceramics civilization that you are expecting, surprising wonder of rural scenery and amazing ancient county Yamun culture. The broadness and profoundness of Jingdezhen City has shaken the world!


  Expo Area of Ancient Kiln & Folk Cultures in Jingdezhen City


  As one of the most important ceramic culture tourist attractions, Expo Area of Ancient Kiln & Folk Cultures in Jingdezhen City has comprehensively demonstrated the overall process of the handmade ceramic history in Jingdezhen City and successively revived and rebooted the Zhen Kiln (Jingdezhen Wood Kiln) in Qing Dynasty, Gourd Kiln in Ming Dynasty and Dome Kiln in Yuan Dynasty, setting the Guinness World Records and praised as the "Living Ceramics Museum" by domestic and overseas experts and ceramicists.


  The scenic area is divided into three areas: ancient kiln exhibition area, ceramic folk culture exhibition area and Shuian Qianjie creative recreation area. Within the ancient kiln exhibition area, there are scenic spots and traditional famous porcelain products including the ancient porcelain making workshop, the oldest porcelain making production line, Zhen Kiln (Jingdezhen Wood Kiln) in Qing Dynasty and Gourd Kiln in Ming Dynasty. Within the ceramic custom exhibition area, there are sceneries including 12 ancient buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties, ceramic folk culture exhibition and porcelain instrument playing on the floating stage. Within the Shuian Qianjie creative recreation area, there are creative leisure scenes of porcelain culture, such as Visiting Changnan Porcelain, Correlation of Wood and Porcelain.

  荣誉:国家5A级旅游景区、国家级非物质文化遗产生产性保护示范基地、全国中小学爱国主义教育基地、国家文化产业示范基地、全国科普教育基地Reputation: National AAAAA Scenic Area, National Demonstration Base for Productive Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage, National Patriotism Education Base for Primary and Secondary Schools, National Demonstration Base for Cultural Industry and National Popular Science Education Base

  地址:景德镇市瓷都大道古窑路1号Address: No.1 Guyao Road, Cidu Avenue, Jingdezhen City

  门票:95元/人Ticket: RMB 95/person

  电话:0798-8534444Tel.: 0798-8534444

  网址:www.chinaguyao.com/viewWebsite: www.chinaguyao.com/view


  Imperial Kiln National Archaeological Park


  Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln, the special manufacturing sites for imperial porcelains in Ming and Qing dynasties, represents the highest achievement of ceramic art in ancient China. The Imperial Kiln was established in Hongwu 2nd year of Ming Dynasty (1369 A.D.) and closed in Xuantong 3rd year of Qing Dynasty (1911 A.D.). During over 600 years under the rule of 27 emperors in Ming and Qing dynasties, it gathered the most superb porcelains of the world and countless pottery elites and skilled craftsmen, produced incalculable exquisite porcelains and was the official porcelain factory with the longest history, largest scale and most exquisite workmanship in Chinese history.


  The ruins of the Imperial Kiln is the only historical relic in China which comprehensively and systematically reflected ceramic making of the official kiln. It has an extremely rich underground burial, with already discovered kiln furnaces during Hongwu, Yongle and Xuande Years in Ming Dynasty and other relics and unearthed large number of various ceramic artifacts in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, which is of great significance for the research of the Chinese ceramic development history.

  荣誉:国家4A级旅游景区、全国重点文物保护单位、国家考古遗址公园Reputation: National AAAA Scenic Area, National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit and National Archaeological Park

  地址:景德镇市珠山中路187号(博物馆临时设在沿江东路与浙江路交叉口东150米民窑遗址博物馆附近,新馆即将于2018年在御窑厂开放)Address: No. 187 Zhushan Middle Road, Jingdezhen City (the Museum is temporarily located near the Jingdezhen Folk Museum, 150 m east of the intersection of Yanjiang Road East and Zhejiang Road and the new museum will be open at the Imperial Kiln in 2018)

  门票:40元/人Ticket: RMB 40/person

  电话:0798-8201378Tel.: 0798-8201378

  网址:www.jdzyuyao.comWebsite: www.jdzyuyao.com


  Yaoli Ancient Town


  Yaoli, historically known as Yaoli (Kiln Lane), is named as the birthplace of Jingdezhen Ceramics. As early as the middle Tang Dynasty, there were manual workshops for ceramic production. Yaoli, located in the center of the three World Cultural Heritage (Huangshan Mountain, Lushan Mountain, Xidi and Hongcun Village), has enjoyed a good reputation as the "source of porcelain, place of tea production and sea of immense forest". Established in the late Western Han Dynasty, Yaoli Ancient Town was surrounded by picturesque mountain peaks, with Yao River through the town. Hundreds of ancient buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties are well-spaced on both sides of the river and near the mountain. The buildings share the same Anhui architectural style with cornices, snow-white walls and blue black tiles, hidden in green hills and clear water and therefore is also called "Jade Pool in Heaven, Yaoli on earth".

  荣誉:国家4A级旅游景区、国家级风景名胜区、国家森林公园、中国历史文化名镇、国家矿山公园、中国自然与文化双遗产名录Reputation: National AAAA Scenic Area, National Key Resort, National Forest Park, Chinese Historical and Cultural Town, National Mine Park and China's Natural and Cultural Heritage List

  地址:景德镇市东北43公里处Address: 43 km northeast of Jingdezhen City

  门票:150元/人Ticket: RMB 150/person

  电话:0798-2601909Tel.: 0798-2601909


  Fuliang Ancient County Yamun


  Fuliang Ancient County Yamun was built in Yuanhe 12th Year of Tang Dynasty (817 A.D.) It was the site of Fuliang county governments of generations, including the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Historically, Jingdezhen had been always under the jurisdiction of Fuliang County. Bai Juyi, the poet in Tang Dynasty once wrote the verse "the businessman regards profits higher than emotion and left for Fuliang to purchase tea", which fully demonstrates the long-standing porcelain and tea culture of Fuliang Ancient County. The existing Fuliang Ancient County Yamun was established in the early Daoguang Years of Qing Dynasty. As the only intact county government of the feudal age, it is known as the "No.1 Yamun in the south regions of the Yangtze River". Currently within in the scenic area, there are well-preserved fifth level government building groups in Qing Dynasty, millennial Red Pagoda in Song Dynasty and the world's unique blue-and-white historical corridor.

  荣誉:国家4A级旅游景区Reputation: National AAAA Scenic Area

  地址:景德镇市浮梁县浮梁古县衙景区Address: Fuliang Ancient County Yamun Scenic Area, Fuliang County, Jingdezhen City

  门票:50元/人Ticket: RMB 50/person

  电话:0798-2621155Tel.: 0798-2621155


  Hongyan Wonderland


  Located at the foot of Mao Mountain, northeast of Leping City, the Hongyan Wonderland Scenic area has peculiar natural scenery, profound cultural history and rich tourism resources. 38 km away from Leping City, it is the an excellent ecotourism resort. Within the scenic area, there are numerous karst caves and stone forests. The karst carves are limestone caverns formed in the Mesozoic Era, which was more than 300,000,000 years ago. The total cavity area is over 100,000 m2, with well-spaced stalactites distributed across the top and bottom, glittering as a feast for the eyes. The stone forest is located at the roof of the Hongyan Grotto with a coverage of more than 400 mu (266,667). Within the stone forest, there are exotic flowers and rare herbs, old vines and aged trees, making you feel refreshed, relaxed and happy.

  荣誉:国家4A级旅游景区、江西省重点风景名胜区Reputation: National AAAA Scenic Area and Jiangxi Key Resort

  地址:乐平市洪岩镇Address: Hongyan Town, Leping City

  门票:81元/人Ticket: RMB 81/person

  电话:0798-6318111Tel.: 0798-6318111


  Odd Stone Forest Scenic Spot


  The Odd Stone Forest Scenic Spot has a large range, beautiful landscape and can be called as the most splendid stone forest in China. Within the scenic area, the odd stones are of thousands of strange shapes and postures. They are grand and magnificent, or exquisite and lovely, or resembling a beast, or resembling an implement, remarkably true to life. Coexisting and reflecting each other's beauty, these karst landforms including naturally born stone forest, fascinating underground rivers, caves of various forms, Tiankeng (naturally formed pits), avens, stone canyons form a beautiful ecological landscape map along with trees and vines.

  荣誉:国家4A级旅游景区、江西省重点风景名胜区Reputation: National AAAA Scenic Area and Jiangxi Key Resort

  地址:乐平市洪岩镇Address: Hongyan Town, Leping City

  门票:81元/人Ticket: RMB 81/person

  电话:0798-6318111Tel.: 0798-6318111

  美食  Gourmet

  家乡菜  Native Cuisine


  Features: simple & plain, sufficient in amount and more attention is paid to the original taste. Heavy color and thick oil, preference for pepper; taste oil but not greasy, spicy but not strong.

Representatives: porcelain clay stewed chicken, Kuzhu tofu, catfish stewed with fried tofu, etc.

  推荐餐馆:柴火灶土菜馆(昌江区206国道)、珠山八味、回家吃饭Restaurants Recommended: Firewood Cooking Local Restaurant (National Highway 206, Changjiang District), Eight Flavors of Zhushan and Home for Dinner

  风味小吃  Local Food

Representatives: Jingdezhen Cold Rice Noodle, Wonton & Bubble Cake, Dumpling Cake, Alkaline Water Cake, Qingming Cake, glutinous pudding wrapped with fried bread stick, etc.

  推荐餐馆:麻辣婆、毛仔特色小吃、老八汤店Restaurants recommended: Malapo, Maozai Special Snacks, Laoba Soup Shop

  购物  Shopping

  瓷器购买地  Shopping area of porcelain

Representative: Jingdezhen Jinchangli Ceramics Market, Old Factory, Shuguang Road Antique Market, Jingdezhen International Trade Plaza, Ceramic World, China Ceramics City, Jinxiu Changnan, etc.

  特色旅游产品  Featured tourism products

Representative handicrafts: "One Porcelain, two teas" (Jingdezhen Porcelain and Jingdezhen Fujiang Black tea and green tea), porcelain-bodied bambooware, Liyang Hongya Taro, Deyuhuo Tea, Fuliang Delicacies, etc.

Special food: Leping walnut cake, Jingdezhen pressed salted chicken, Ehu rice, etc.

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